Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Quick Roundup

Doyle Woody at the Anchorage Daily News wrote this article about Charlie Kronschnabel and Justin Bourne's off-season training. UAA made this announcement about TV broadcasts. Basically, every home game will be televised via tape-delay (10:30 that night and 1:30 the next day) and the games will be available on the web as well. I assume that the webcasts are as they were in the past and will only be available to GCI customers. If I were a parent living in BC coud I be a GCI customer? Hopefully, those folks can call and work something out with GCI. The webcasts are real cool but almost useless to local GCI customers who have a TV in their house. The school also posted it's regular weekly release today.

Lastly (and deservedly so ...) is this link to RWD's "hottie rankings" on her blog. It was actually difficult to type the word "hottie" (yikes ... now I've done it twice) for a couple of reasons. The first being that assigning values based physical appearance (especially if it were a man writing about a woman's team) would rightly be called mysoginistic. The second and more important reason is because the word "hottie" (not any easier to type that time either) is quite simply just so damned awkward sounding. Not that I can suggest a better word to use.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see GCI picking up the Seawolves broadcasts again. As one of those Canucks who follows the team, it was a blessing to get the online feed of the games. It was more challenging after we had to look for back-door links to locate the feed. I hope we'll find smooth sailing on Friday evening.

And, once again, thanks for keeping the blog updated. It's great to have some eyes and ears on what's happening around the team.

Donald Dunlop said...

Thank you as well for the feedback, without which I'd probably question the value of doing this.

DC said...

My writing is not misogynistic, since it's about a men's team. If I were writing about WOMEN, it could potentially be considered that way. But I certainly never would think that.

Jeez, I'm going to have to go to sensitivity training. Just because I said it was "hott" Chris Porter won the Sioux Ironman, people went bananas. Now this?

I guess it is kind of mean, to the uggos. But when a player's dad tells me he's going to send me more pictures of his hott son, I can't be all wrong, can I?

Donald Dunlop said...

I think I was just tryin to live up to the whole ... "angriest man in alaska" thematic so as to not disappoint anyone.

DC said...

Well, there is no bad publicity, so I'm cool.

Anonymous said...

Good news for UAA, they should have all the players healthy for this weekend! It will be good to see Tarkir, since we haven't been able to see him play yet. Glad to have Beagle back as well.

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