Sunday, March 13, 2011

All The Video That's Fit To Embed

FSN has all the video highlights available on their webpage for embedding.  Click on the Read More link below to view them.  Congratulations again to the Seawolves on a great best of 3 series win and for getting it done on consecutive nights.

First up is UAA's first goal of the weekend from Sean Wiles.  This goal was so reminiscent of the goals in the Mankato series.  The Gopher's D man just gets beat the puck by Wiles.  Desire like this was the tone for the weekend.

Here is the beauty that Jade Portwood banged home to make it 2-0 on Friday night.  I vaguely remember something from the Gopher fanbase/media about the Seawolves getting nothing but greasy goals.  Yeah ok.

Here is Alex Gellert's shortie that some short-sighted Gopher fans blamed on Patterson.  Notice Aaron Ness' complete lack of desire to chase this puck back into the Gopher zone.  Yes.  Patterson blew it with the attempted pass, but he never should have been asked to do it.

Here's the beauty of a backhand by Mitch Bruijsten which Jake Hansen referred to as being nothing but lucky.  Gee, I guess it's lucky that Mitch has a sweet backhand.  European players haven't forgotten that skill.  Maybe they should look into that in Minnesota development leagues.

Nice save by Chris Kamal in the 2nd period of Saturday's game.  There were a couple of better ones but FSN didn't feature them.

Note the great pass from Kwas to start this rush and quick first steps from Mickey Spencer to beat his man.  The finish too was quite the nice thing. 

Yeah um ... all that vaunted Gopher speed we kept hearing about in both pregame shows et al wasn't gonna catch Tommy Grant.  Note how he pulls away as he races from inside the UAA blueline down to burn Patterson and make it 2-0.

And here's the save of the weekend from Chris Kamal with 6:03 left in the 3rd period Saturday.  The overhead view was something else.  Naturally, FSN has no interest in putting that up since their audience is Gopher fans.  Oh well, watch it a couple of times and you'll see just how awesome it was.


Ted said...

thanks for the clips Donald

Anonymous said...

After the Tommy G. breakaway, check out the bench shot. Fantastic.

Oh yeah, that speed thing, Spencer beat Wehr out his britches for that shot/goal, and the only reason the d got close to Tommy was that he slowed up to make his move.

Anonymous said...

Man if only somebody could get ahold of the goals called by Kurt Haider this weekend, those I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Above video clips won't play. The circle just goes round and round. Any suggestions?

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