Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Request To UAA HOF: Retire Mike Peluso's Jersey

Today I have submitted a request to the UAA Hall of Fame committee chair Chris Green for their consideration in retiring jersey #24 in honor of UAA Seawolves hockey alumnus Mike Peluso.  The text of my submission can be read by clicking "read more" below.  I hope every reader here can take a few moments and join me in this nomination by sending Chris an email.  His address is  Thank you.


Dear Chris,
I'm writing today to place in nomination UAA Hockey Alumnus Mike Peluso to be honored by the retirement of jersey #24.

Your committee quite rightly honored Mike in 2002 by adding his name to the Seawolf Hall of Fame.  I fervently believe that this is the time to do so.  Mike has accomplished more as a hockey alumnus than any former player in Seawolves history.  His accomplishments at UAA are:
All-Time UAA leading defenseman scoring 113 points (21 goals and 92 assists)
All-Time UAA leader single season points for a defenseman with 37 in 1987-88
3 year Captain
Rookie of the Year - 1985-86
Most Improved - 1985-86
Leon Thompson Fan Favorite - 1987-88
Mewhirter Award - 1986-87
Team MVP - 1988-98
Mike's professional hockey accomplishment are:
104 IHL games with 9 goals and 15 assists
520 NHL games with 40 goals and 56 assists with five teams: Chicago Blackhawks, Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils, St. Louis Blues and Calgary Flames
1994-95 Stanley Cup Champion with NJ Devils
In his post UAA hockey career Mike accomplished not only the singular goal of every hockey player worldwide - to have his name engraved on the most prestigious trophy in all of sports - but will forever live in hockey history as a key member of a lengendary line; The Crash Line.

But more than any other moment he will be remembered for his inability to take his final shifts in the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals.  It is one of the most poignant and iconic moments in all of sports history.

With only minutes left in a game which was all but over, Mike's emotions got the best of him and he sat in tear of joy at the prospect of his team winning the Cup.  His emotions continued through the handshake line as he shook hands and embraced former teamates on the oppostition team.  It is a moment that hockey fans all over the world remember, talk about and most of all admire.

To view this poignant moment watch the 9 minute video below:

I respect and admire greatly many former UAA alumni for their dedication and accomplishment and all deserve it; but none moreso than Big Mike who's personal character and representation of UAA and it's hockey prgram are quite simply unmatched.

I ask that you and the Hall of Fame committe without delay retire the #24 to the rafters in honor of all that Mike has accomplish as a UAA hockey player and alumnus.

Thank you for your consideration.
Donald Dunlop
UAA Hockey Fan Blog


Jimjamesak said...

You forgot to mention that he also played in the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals with the Blackhawks.

I have to agree on this though. He's certainly the prime candidate to have his number retired based his Seawolf playing days and post-Seawolf playing days. He's, right now, the only Seawolf to win the Stanley Cup, though both Jay Beagle and Curtis Glencross have real chances to change that this year. Plus his stats and accomplishments really stand out as a player at UAA even to this day. But, and I think that most would agree, that Mike is the iconic representation of Seawolf Hockey: hard working, loyal, tough, emotional, and a real leader.

Anonymous said...

100000000% agree..

Mike Peluso was amazing in his days here. I would espound some more, but i'm in a hurry right now. I'll add more to this later, but I will never, ever forget Big Mike!

Retire #24!


Anonymous said...

Jersey numbers are special to many players but should not be retired. They should be available for all players at all times.

M Havard said...

Mike gave his heart and soul to game. He was especially generous to the community of anchorage, especially kids with special needs. retire #24

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