Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seawolves Final Five Schedule

The Seawolves will face either Wisconsin or Colorado College this coming Thursday night in the 7:07pm game of the WCHA Final Five conference tournament.  The Seawolves have faced Wisconsin only twice this season with both of those games at the Sullivan Arena on Friday and Saturday night December 4th and 5th.

Here is my game recap from the Friday 2-1 victory.  Here is JJ's post game interviews following that game.  Here is the boxscore from Friday.  Here is my game recap from the Saturday 3-1 loss.  Here is JJ's post game interviews following that game.  Here is the boxscore from Saturday.

The Seawolves have faced Colorado College 5 times already this season going 3-2 against them overall and 3-1 in conference action. This is because the teams weren't originally scheduled to face each other 4 times but the addition of UNO and Bemidji created scheduling changes.  Since CC was originally not scheduled to come to Anchorage they were one of the invitees to the UAF tournament.

Here is my game recap from the 1st meeting in Fairbanks which UAA lost 4-3.  Here is the boxscoreHere is my game recap from the Friday win in the series in Colorado Springs.  And here is the boxscore from that 4-3 UAA win.  I wrote no recap for the Saturday game but here is a link to the Game Day post with the archived CoverItLive Chatroom.  Here is the boxscore from that 2-0 loss.

Then on January 14th and 15th the Seawolves began 2011 with a bang by sweeping CC here at the Sullivan.  Here is my game recap from the Friday 4-1 win.  Here is JJ's post game interviews.  And here is the Friday boxscoreHere is my game recap from the Saturday 2-1 win.  Here is JJ's post game interviews.  And here is the Saturday boxscore.

If the Seawolves win Thursday night then they will face UND at 7:07 on Friday night.  The winner of the Bemidji/Duluth game on Thursday afternoon will face DU in the Friday afternoon game.  The winners of the Friday games will then play for Final Five championship on Saturday evening.

It's all one and done from here folks.  Lose and you don't play again.  The winner of this tournament gets the NCAA playoff auto-bid.  If the Seawolves want to play in the NCAA tournament they'll most likely have to win it all.  There may be some confluence of results from around the nation that could get the Seawolves into the NCAA show via the PairWise rankings but I'm in no position to figure that out. 

Right now the Seawolves are #20 on the PairWise but that essentially means nothing as results from other conference tournaments can make these rankings change wildly at this time of the year.  16 teams go into the NCAA tournaments with each of the six conferences receiving one atuo-bid award to the conference champion.  The KRACH rankings use a more straightforward mathematical approach to compare teams and the Seawolves are #17 overall on that chart today.


Al said...

UAA Pairwise #20 KRACH #17
CC Pairwise #14 KRACH #13
Wisc Pairwise #23 KRACH #14
We can beat either of these teams so...I'd rather see us play CC and improve our rankings and a possible NCAA invite. Go Seawolves!!!

Jimjamesak said...

UAA will most likely have to win the Final Five to get the NCAA's. Climbing the 5-6 spots necessary to get an at-large would be very difficult with just one win.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Donald, why don't you tell the fans who have donated to get you to the Final Five where your seats will be?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking at least two wins for us to get into NCAA'S. The black bears are at home, I'm gonna want to play them and hope they win tonight, but beating Udubb would be even sweeter.

Anonymous said...

Link to recap of Saturdays game, with a good Shyiak interview at the end.

'Quality guys' 'Sacrificing for each other' 'Team effort'

All in all, one of my most proudest days to be a Seawolf fan! Go get 'em guys!

UAA Fan Not in Florida

AKJD said...

Just wanted to drop by and say congrats to the UAA faithful. You guys have a heck of a team this year, good to see them getting rewarded. Good luck the rest of the way!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a good season and on making the final five (six?).

One question, though. Why do y'all keep referring to CC as the Black Bears (which is Maine). CC's nickname is the Tigers. I went through other blog entries and it's consistent, am I missing an inside joke?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:35: Yup, you are. LOL

Donald Dunlop said...

Ticket to Minneapolis on 3 days notice $1390.00 minimum. That includes a layover in Phoenix. And as regular blog readers already know the funds they donated this year supported keeping the blog going. Without their donations, there would be no UAA Hockey Fan Blog.

How much did you donate 3 years ago during the DG initiated effort? Please advise as you did not indicate any specifics regarding this in your latest email.

Donald Dunlop said...

Yes, you are missing an inside joke. CC has a dumb nickname which reflects nothing about them, their college or the local vicinity. So I gave them one that does.

Anonymous said...

I assume the team isn't coming home in between games like they did last weekend? Any word on if Bailey might be able to play?

akmillers said...

I always hear the Delta and the Seawolves have a good working relationship. Well now is the time to show it to the fans. Someone at UAA please work out a deal with Delta to let the UAA faithful get to MSP at a reasonable price. I'd be willing to take my three boys to the game if the airline tickets were no more than $600/ticket. No chance at $1300!

Anonymous said...

cc beats wisco, 2-1


Anonymous said...

Bailey is flying out today. But they are not sure if he will be playing. They should know on Wednesday.

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