Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Roman Augustoviz Blog: Good Lucia Quotes

Minneapolis Star Tribune Goal Gophers blogger Roman Augustoviz has a good post on his blog tonight that tells me Coach Don Lucia is completely and fully taking the Seawolves seriously this weekend.  As critical as I can be at times of other bloggers I'll give credit to Roman here ... as throughout the year he's been one of the best media bloggers.

Below are a sampling of the Lucia quotes ... click here to read the full blog post.
"You have to give Alaska Anchorage a lot of credit for going into Mankato and sweeping Mankato, they went in there and obviously played very well, beat them 4-0 and 4-1. And that has to give them a lot of confidence."

"They are a very good defensive team. You look statistic-wise within the league, and that's what I like to look at. I don't like to look at nonleague.  They led the league in penalty kill on the season. They tied us in goals-against average. They are not a real high-scoring team but they are scoring more now than they did early in the season. They are plus in the specialty team situation on the season, which is a good sign of a good team."

"It's playoff time and we have to grind out a win in low-scoring games, because that is what I would anticipate the games are going to be."

"[The Seawolves] should feel pretty confident coming in because they did beat us. Like all the series, you are never surprised if it goes to Sunday night. It is going to be a very hard-fought series and we are going to have to win our battles, we are going to have to make sure we take care of the puck and just play good, smart hockey."
I sent Roman a fairly abrupt (you might say rude) email early in the season when I noticed his casual usage of "AA" as a moniker instead of UAA.  It seems it was effective since the "AA" references immediately ceased.  I feel a bit contrite about some of the tone of the email after reading most of his entries during the course of the season.  Hopefully, it didn't make him reach for the Kleenex.

Now if we could get the rest of them to quit saying "Alaska Anchorage" and instead just say UAA or the Seawolves.  Perhaps in time.  In any case, the Gophers aren't going to be looking past the Seawolves this weekend.  That's very clear.


Isaiah said...

But I like the term "Alaska Anchorage"...

Anonymous said...

When has UAA ever been anywhere close to the top of the WCHA in PK?!? That is a huge step one that I remember talking with friends about time and time again, how much UAA needs to step it up in that department. Way to go 'Wolves!

and I don't mind Alaska Anchorage, it does fit and is correct (as long as the 'University of' is assumed, but AA, now that is ridiculous.)

Neil said...

As much as I hate our PK style, I am impressed with the results. I had no idea we had done that well. Good job, Wolves.

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