Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Final Five Info You Need To Know (And Some You Don't)

With the sweep of the Gophers this weekend the Seawolves, as you may have heard, will be playing at the Red Baron WCHA Final Five. The action starts Thrusday and I'm here with some helpful info:

The Schedule
This isn't totally complete yet as we have to await the winner of Game 3 between CC and Wisconsin to set it completely.

Quarterfinals (All times are Alaska)
(6) Bemidji State vs. (3) Minnesota-Duluth

(5) Alaska Anchorage vs. (4) Colorado College/Wisconsin winner

Bemidji/Duluth winner vs. (2) Denver

UAA/CC/Wisconsin winner vs. (1) North Dakota

Broadmoor Trophy Championship Game

With a quick look the games right now are listed on Fox College Sports Central (Ch. 302 on GCI) live for all games. No word on GCI channel 1 right now but we shall see.

Getting There
If you are interested in making the last minute trip to St. Paul here's a quick rundown of some prices for plane tickets to MSP:
Delta: $1274
Expedia and everybody else: $1260 (stopover in PHX, and it's on US Airways who really really sucks, that $14 you'd save will be spent on bag fees and food)

So yeah, it ain't cheap

A quick search at Ticketmaster revealed plenty of ticket packages available for around $168. Single game tickets for UAA's game are around $48.

They may be expensive but keep in mind, the schools get the bulk of the money from the WCHA playoffs, so you're kinda just giving money to UAA.

That's all I have for now. I'm sure either Donald or I will update as we go.


Al said...

Wisconsin 1 Black bears zip end of 2nd period

Al said...

It'll be the black bears on Thursday as they won 2 to 1. Come on guys you've beaten these suckers before please do it again!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nothing would've been sweeter to beat Udubb, but I'll take CC anyday!

Against CC: 3-2-0
Against UND: 0-2-1 (We were not playing our best hockey then when we got swept in NoDak)

We can do this, three more wins that's all, three more!

BBEF said...


arcticfox said...

LOL BBEF! I hope this doesn't mean you'll be breaking up with us? :p

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