Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goal Gophers: Dave Shyiak Talks to Roman

Roman Augustoviz on the Star Tribs Goal Gophers blog talked with Coach Shyiak today and has this entry regarding the series.  Dave talks about the differences in the two teams and UAA's strengths such as the Seawolves doing "everything by committee" and how the Seawolves are "strong defensively".  

Here is a sampling of the quotes; click the link above to read the full post.
"We are exact opposites. They are highly skilled, a very good team, have a good transtion game, a good power play.  We are very strong defensively. Have smart puck management. We have to get after them on the forecheck, and need puck control on the cycle game. We don’t want to make it into a track meet."
"This is a different team, you can't look to the past. We have one of our best records ever. You are happy when you make progress. Ultimately, if you ask our guys and coaches, we want to make the Final Five and have a chance to play for a championship."
On what will decide the series Shyiak said,
"Every coach will tell you it is special teams and goaltending.  And we can’t turn pucks over. We can’t get in a transition game with them and we need to control their  speed in the neutral zone. For us, the strength of our team is we  do everything by committee."
I'd add that it's important for the Seawolves to once again focus on the shorter term goals here.  They can't be thinking about the weekend or the possibility of getting to the Final Five.  It's got to be all about Friday night.  One game at a time.  When the game starts, it's got to be about one shift at a time for each guy.

Come join the chatroom tomorrow night as you're watching the games or even just pop in between periods as I do.  I've had requests to run the CoverItLive chat but I've decided against it primarily because it takes too much of my attention from my own personal focus on the game.

I'll post the line-ups at the top of the page as soon as I receive them tomorrow.  There won't be a GameDay post probably though unless I find loads of information that you don't already know about.  

Congratulations also to Luka Vidmar, Dusan Sidor, Chris Crowell, Alex Gellert and Scott Warner on being named to this season's All-WCHA Academic Team.  This is Luka's 3rd time being so honored.  Dusan picks up his 2nd and Chris, Alex and Scott are first timers for the honor.

And the only other thing I have to add is ...

Go Seawolves!!!  Make it happen for each other guys.


Anonymous said...

This translates to you're about to see the a weekend of hockey filled with the NZT.

Anonymous said...

Whatever works, I don't care. I have seen most teams we've played against this season use the trap. So what. All teams do it. Defense wins championships.

Alaskana said...

I'm with Anon @ 9:05. The Seawolves should do whatever it takes to win (as long as it's within the rules) including the use of the dreaded nzt.
If the Gophers are good, that shouldn't even be a problem for them.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to watch the Seawolves play not only this weekend but next year as well. Not in the states so is there some sort of pay-per-view I can order? Thanks

Anonymous said...

LInes are out for game 1

Spencer-Naslund Currier


Kamal (starting in goal)
Gunderson (backup)

Anonymous said...

Heryup, no Bailey ; {

Suze said...

The ADN said a few days ago that Bailey was not making the trip. Huge bummer for the Wolves, but they have won without him and they can do it this weekend. Just feel really bad for Matt. He had such a good freshman year it was a shame to see it end early.

Anonymous said...

watching the UAA and rodent game. UAA is playing pretty well and hitting the gophs, not doing much on offense thus far

Anonymous said...

Go Seawolves! !!!!

UAA Fan not in Florida!! said...

HOW about those 'WOLVES!!!!

Kicking ass and chewing bubblegum, but they are ALL OUTTA BUBBLEGUM!!

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