Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can UAA Win Three Games?

While I would probably agree that it was time for Fox Sports North to move on from Rug and Doug, I can't say I'm impressed with their replacements. Near the end of the Seawolves/Gophers broadcast on FSN, Anthony LaPanta asked Larry Olimb the dumb question which inspires the post title today.  Silly LaPanta.  That's just as dumb as Rug asking Doug that question.  And then LaPanta asks Doug the same question during the post game.  Let's talk.

First, I'm going to answer the question.   It's the wrong question.  That's the answer.  The only relevant question is can UAA win it's next game against Colorado College.  I know folks love to speculate about the future and all.  Such a question is common amongst alleged sports analysts.  And I suppose lots of sports fans like to explore that sort of thing.  I get it.  But such indulgences are not going to be part of anything I write here.  Anyway, both Woog and Olimb entirely poo pooed UAA's chances.  Of course they did.  The Gophers were still the better team in their minds.

Let's look at the context of the timing when that question was asked.  Seems to me that part of the reason for asking it after getting toasted by the Seawolves was a weird sort of rationalization.  What I mean is that if one can say to themselves, "yeah man ... UAA sure won't do shit at the Final Five ..." then one feels a little bit better somehow about losing to them.  It's not logical per se ... certainly it would make one feel better if the team that just beat you went on to win the national championship.  But in the immediate aftermath of losing ... there's some sense of rationalized satisfaction to spitefully minimize the team that just beat ya.  Logic isn't a strength amongst us hockey fans is it?

I can promise everyone reading this that the Seawolves are focused entirely on the next game.  They aren't thinking about Friday or Saturday.  They know who their opponent is now.  They are as familiar with the upcoming opponent as they could be. And we all know they'll apply the same determination, effort and teamwork on Thursday.

Scotty Owens is saying on CC radio as I write this that they are anxious to get another chance against UAA and get a little revenge.  The Seawolves are happy to give you that chance this Thursday Scott.  They aren't thinking about anything else.  I'm happy to hear CC player Stephen Schultz talking now about how they're looking forward to going to the Final Five now and then the NCAA playoffs.  Keep thinking about the NCAAs Stephen.


BBEF said...


No player, coach or fan here is overlooking UAA. Chill out homegirl.

Schultz scored the game winner in a best of 3 against Wisconsin. Also, he's a senior. That sounds like a pretty big moment dude. I loved the shit out of that moment.

I also thought he was very humble in the interview.

I did not make it home in time for the interview with Owens.

Owens is anxious? Good! He should be. His team just pulled off two come from behind wins. I’m sure he wants to feed on that.

Anyway, you should do a cover it live chat on Thursday. Please?

Alaskana said...

Excellent commentary, Donald. While UAA was concentrating on each game as it came this weekend, the Goophs and their ilk were already licking their chops thinking about who and how they were going to play in the Final 5(6). Funny how that worked out for them.

Looks like (some) CC prognosticators are starting to play out that same scenario. Although to be fair there are also Seawolf fans doing the same.

Oh and I don't know if you saw this comment after the ADN's article on UAA's win, but it was pretty priceless (although it's proabably more of a case of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' than them all of a sudden accepting us as valid WCHA members):

"SIOUX YEA-YEA. As a Sioux fan I applaud the Seawolves!! When the final score in Minneapolis was announced the Ralph went crazy!! All 12,000 were cheering and chanting U-A-A!! Great job at taking down the Gophers!!!"

Donald Dunlop said...

The existing chatroom works fine. For any readers who've experienced difficulties accessing it (wouldn't load etc) I can only suggest trying a different browser and/or verifying your Java settings. In either case (coveritlive or the existing room) there is a 25 user limit.

I am planning on watching the game at a different location. Also referring to me as "homegirl" is the entirely wrong approach. So there's that.

I do "get" why all that happens, so I don't want what I wrote to be some indictment against Gopher fans in general. Thursday night there'll be somewhat of an even mix of fans cheering for UAA and CC I'd imagine. Only a few of them will be "actual" UAA or CC fans. I hope there's lots of energy on which the team can feed. So regardless of who jumps on the UAA bandwagon (or why) it should be a good thing for the team.

Anonymous said...

If you counted the playoffs the Seawolves would be 1 point behind Minnesota in the standings. They were 3-1 against Minnesota and shut them out twice--the better team won despite what the announcers say.

Looking through some of the fan boards the majority of the Min. fans are actually being gracious towards UAA and saying that they beat them pretty badly; they are also wondering how they are going to be able to recruit when a less known program comes in and beats them like they did. They are universally calling for the firing of Lucia and Hill because of how bad they were out-coached and how they've performed in the last few years.

UAA's senior class has now been to the Final Five as many times as Minnesota's senior class if I'm not mistaken.

Alaskana said...

I think Lucia will still be the Gopher's coach next year as he still has 1 season left on his contract and I doubt the U of M wants to pay for two coaches simultaneously.

You have to wonder though if ol' Hilly boy has his eye on the prize for the 12-13' season. Actually, nah. Although after his stint at UAA that doesn't seem very likely.

Anonymous said...

Hill couldn't coach is way out of a match box!

Alaskana said...

lol @ 12:11. :)

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