Monday, October 30, 2006

A Quick Look At The BCHL

5 of the top 10 current points leaders in the BCHL are not yet committed to NCAA schools. I have no idea if UAA is or has looked at or talked with any of these guys but based on their early numbers I'd think to varying degrees that any of them would be pretty good D-I prospects.

Tyler Bozak has 15 goals and 31 assists in 18 games with Victoria so far this year and is #2 in overall points but #1 in points per game. His power play goal and shorthanded goal totals are 4 each. Tyler is in his third Jr. A season and more than doubled his point production from his first year to his second. He is a 20 year old and on pace to more than double his 69 points from last season. He's right-handed.

Wade MacLeod has 21 goals and 21 assists in his first 20 games this season with Merritt. He has just surpassed his first seasons point total (41). He's 19 years old. 10 of his 21 goals have come on the power play and he's added 3 shorties as well. He's left-handed.

Tyler Ruel is a 20 year old in his 4th Jr. A season with his hometown Alberni Valley Bulldogs. In his first season he scored .6 points/game; 2nd season 1.1; 3rd season 1.0 and so far this season is scoring 1.8 per. He's right-handed.

Adam Presizniuk is a left-handed center from Calgary who's scored 16 goals and 17 assists in 20 games this season (his third) with Powell River. He scored 21 goals in each of his first two seasons. He lists his future goal as obtaining a university hockey schoralship. He turns 20 at the end of November and is left-handed.

Jordan Kremyr has 11 goals and 22 assists in 20 games in his 3rd season with Alberni Valley. He doubled his point production from his first to second year and is currently scoring at 1.7 points per game. He is 20 years old and left-handed. [EDIT: For whatever reason (I'm going with the eyesight excuse) I missed the fact that Jordan is already committed to Providence next season]

I know where the other top 5 of the top 10 scorers from the BCHL are going. They're all committed. But I wonder where these 5 guys will end up.


Chris said...

The big difference is that all those uncommitted are 20 years old, whereas guys like Pierro-Zabotel, Winnett, and Turris are all under the age of 18, so they've got more room for development.

Guys like Kyle Greentree and Les Reaney have become pretty good college players after leading the BCHL in scoring as 20 year olds, but it's much more of a gamble, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Yes Chris and if you can fill your team with these 20 year old Canadians isn't it funny what they can do to the teams that are comprised of baby superstars fom MN.

Donald Dunlop said...

Obviously these guys have been passed over. But development curves aren't written in stone to occur exactly for the benefit of college hockey world. And yeah ... I know none of them are "snipers" or "elite" or for that matter "elite snipers". But ya know what? Someone has to put the puck on Pierro-Zabotel's stick.

Players bloom according to their own physiology. And because UAA put a hitch in thier own recruiting giddyup by letting the assistants go they might find taking a chance on one (or a couple) of these guys for next year isn't a bad idea.

Particularly since everyone seems to think all the best 18 year olds are gone. I wouldn't be disappointed to hear Bozak's name or Presizniuk's name come announcement time. I'd expect either of them to turn out as successfully as a Charlie Kronschnabel. And every team needs a couple of Charlies.

And I've got nothing but shots in the dark regarding our recruiting ... so.

Anonymous said...

Brad McCabe, who plays for the Alaska Avalanche (Dean Larson's team) just committed to UAA.
Nice article about him, Deano singing his praises. Can't find any team stats on their website though.

Anonymous said...

Donald, Kremyr has already committed. Check the BCJHL website.

Donald Dunlop said...

Geez Suze:
Lemme finish editing my announcement! LOL.

Anon on Kremyr:
Thanks. I sure didn't see that yesterday evening. My eyes are getting bad I fear. He's even right up near the top of the list. He's going to Prov ...

Anonymous said...

yes so these guys might not be as good as the younger but good enough that bozek committed to DU as of today

Anonymous said...

nice site.... just tuning into
seawolves season...they are fast
and well conditioned..

most important ...are hitting
everything out there...

One guy not to forget... Tuton
he hits hard and can handle puck.
Otherwise great goalie helps too.

don't forget Tuton

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