Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CHN Names UAA "Team of the Week"

College Hockey News has named UAA it's "Team of the Week". Pretty cool. But, I hear some previous recipients believed that receiving this designation was some sort of jinx. DU was last week's recipient but they did manage to go 1-0-1 against MTU (barely) so perhaps the jinx factor was just as overrated as UAF is. It's too late for me to look up who the other previous winners were but they apparently they didn't fair as well. In any case, being that UAA has the week off I'd have to say that the jinx will have zero effect and besides ... it ain't the cover of SI.


Anonymous said...

As long as none of our players make it on the cover of Madden NFL football I will be ok, cause that jinx seems for real!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job boys! Well deserved.

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