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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pivotal Series: UAA vs. UMD

This weekend UAA fans will get a chance to watch the Seawolves cheaply. First, kids 12 and under can get in free if they're wearing green and gold. Second, adults wearing green and gold can get into the Sully for 5 bucks. To get this discount just go to the "student table" at the NW entrance starting one hour prior to the game. I'll be taking advantage of that deal. Getting in for one-third the usual price is too good to pass up.

This is the first pivotal WCHA series for UAA this season. Before this weekend UAA had important conference games but because they were early they didn't hold the promise this one does. If UAA can continue its good play and come away with 4 points they strengthen their position in the middle of the standings giving themselves the necessary placing to start thinking about finishing in a position for a home-ice playoff series. If they don't get 4 points it's back to square one in a lot of ways. There's a huge difference at stake. The Seawolves can be locked in a battle 5th/6th place or they can return to the lower echelon and fight for 9th place. Only 4 points separate them from that. One series is all it would take at this point. There is NO cushion. Pivotal is the best word for it and opportunity should be the watch word.

It's an opportunity because those teams close to UAA in the standings are both facing teams that are above them in the standings. MTU goes up against their namesake copiers (Huskies II). And CC has its first series of the year with 2nd place DU. CC isn't going to sweep DU. DU probably won't sweep CC. It's a rivalry thing. So , CC won't move up in the standings with just a split. Nobody has swept St. Bob so far this season and MTU has been getting it done with defense. Doubtless that MTU can sweep. Call that series a split and you see that the biggest opportunity in the WCHA weekend rests with UAA (unless you think Mankato has an "opportunitiy" against the Gophers). It's time for the second UAA series sweep of the year.


Anonymous said...

I concur, except about the cost of getting in, because at the price I pay 1/5 of the price is the same amount, cause the awesome students always get in for free. But back to the point, right on about pivotal points. We have to win this weekend especially against a struggling UMD team. This makes it even harder because it means added pressure.

Jeff said...

Well it's looking like we might have to play without Jay Beagle this weekend. He suffered a cut across the top part of his wrist on the thanksgiving practice. He told me he can move his hand with no problem, but it's hard to move his wrist, so i guess we'll see what happens. I still think we can beat umd without him, but his physical presence is going to be needed against cc.

Suze said...

Hopefully Jay will be able to play. The team really missed him up in Fairbanks last year. Get well Jay!

Will said...

The injury bug hasn't hit the team this year so far except for Tassone and that is a good thing. Beagle would be missed but this team doesn't seem like it depends on one player. Hopefully, we will see Beagle and if not the guys will do just fine if they continue to play with confidence and know that they can win these games.

Donald said...

Two years in a row that Beagle gets injured during a holiday?

Jeff said...

Yea, last year he took a puck to the eye and missed the last 2 games of the Governors cup. He still might play though. He said he was just happy it wasn't
the bottom part of his wrist because that got sliced open. It's really delicate in that area, and chances are he wouldhave had to have immediate surgery if that happened.

Anonymous said...

I understand that this is a big two games for points, but I also belive that the team can over come the injury to JAy this week. In my oppionion I would rather have Jay miss this serious and get healthy for the CC uaf and DU games then play at 70% and hurt himself more and be out for all thouse games.

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