Monday, November 13, 2006

Siouxsports Fan Website & Forum

The unabated westerly wind builds momentum from the eastern edge of the Rockies across the great plains to constantly bombard the folks of Grand Forks. It's a condition that no doubt requires some acclimitization by the fine citizenry of North Dakota. I'm not sure how they accomplish this necessity. Obviously, not everyone down there does. First an example of someone who must not have ever stood in one place facing north (or south) and has avoided the venturi-like effect of the wind scrambling their brain. I found this helpful information on the Siouxsports Forum for those wishing to watch UAA games on the TV instead of just the webcast. Find a C-Band satellite dish and with the following parameters you can watch UAA games ...

AMC7 (137W)
3760 frequency
H polarity
25190 symbol rate

I'd looked for that information in the past and never found it on GCI's website so mad phat props to Sioux fan "iceberg" for posting it in their forum. Very cool beans.

Naturally, there's an example of someone in Grand Forks that has had their brains scrambled by the unceasing wind. If you check this link you'll find that John Hill is UAA's coach. That's sort of embarrassing if you ask me. At least it's not a total slight against UAA though. They list Craig Dahl as SCSU's coach and apparently Bob Motzko is still an assistant at UofM.


Runninwiththedogs said...

Iceberg is a UMD fan.

Donald said...

Too funny.

See what happens when I try to be nice. It backfires anyway.

Suze said...

The streaming video at GCI and the websites are free through the end of this year. It is still to be determined what the fees will be in 2007, but they will be affordable.

Anonymous said...

We think John Hill should still by the UAA coach, as, as the coach there was more likeable, since he has now joined forces with the devil.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Please stop, before someone gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

If John HIll still had the UAA job, we probably wouldn't be hearing from Anonymous. That would be the only good thing that could have come from that.


Donald said...

Anon @ 8:57:
John the Hill a was with in the year when as by then. So it shows the whey in every street raven for most a then time.

Donald said...

I'll make mention of this in my Wednesday preview but the fine folks in charge of the Siouxsports webpage have updated their UAA "team page" to 96 percent accuracy.

Shyiak is listed as the head coach. UAA's assistants are now Campbell Blair and Damon White.

Since White is only two letters away from Whitten I only took 4 percentage points away.

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