Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Linkages: Thanksgiving Edition

What am I thankful for? I'm thankful that people take their own time to spew a combination of BS and heartfelt stuff on their hockey blogs. Why am I thankful for that? Well it gives me something to read when it's 4 below outside and they've replaced the Sully's ice with a basketball court.

Over at everyone's all-time favorite blog LetsgoDU has installed an ultra-cool scrolling banner to give everyone nice little updates. I dig it and I want one for Xmas. If I ever had an opportunity to steal it from him I'd do so in a NY minute. I wonder who he stole it from? In any case, when DG isn't stealing stuff (or bashing CC) he's a good friend to Al Gore by helping with recycling stuff and saving the earth. The new and the recycled (John Hill is still good for a laugh even if it is the second time around) are included in his weekly CHN column which is about not angering the hockey gods.

The CC blog earns a link with his first post since 1957 (kidding ... I kid the CC) discussing the weekends sweep of Mankato along with other observations.

Goon down in the great plains (nether regions) is still distracted by the lawsuit and all its various aspects. I think he was also distracted by a trip where he killed and ate bambi but I don't have a link. Hey ... not every blogger posts everyday. And I'm thankful for that too; else the world would be full of people like me.
Besides the razor sharp commentary she is becoming known for at UMD's message board RWD has her thanksgiving list up. UMD is the Seawolves next opponent and she has this awesome series called "The Gauntlet" and apparently I'm her next victim. So far this season she's humbled the aforementioned DG, FireHelmetGuy from gopherland, and sweet little MeanEgirl from MTU. She's decided that SCSU doesn't have anyone in need of humbling (my words) so she's skipping them this week. I tried to encourage her to throw down said Gauntlet to "The Pope" so I could read his colon-laced answers but she didn't bite (and who can blame her really). Meanwhile, MeanEgirl gives the real WCHA Huskies an A for effort following their tie and loss at DU.

Badger Backer on the Wisconsin blog posted his thoughts after the first loss to the Gophers this past weekend. I don't think the second loss made him jump ship but I doubt there was much happiness with being swept by their arch-rivals. Hammy at the Gopher blog took a break from his usual fare (recruits and mn elite/hs hockey) to analyze the Gophers.

Speaking of the Sunday win by the Gophers. Chris at Western College Hockey posted the video of the winning goal in the Sunday game and said "You Make The Call". Naturally, that enticed all sorts of folks to impart their comments (including me ... I said it was a goal) which of course devolved into a typical internet flamefest (me? in a flamefest? say it ain't so!).

Chris also does most of the writing over that Maverick Hockey Nation. He sounds a bit frustrated with the 06-07 season and is advocating using the season to build for next year and the years after. I know the feeling from last year. Things might be looking up here in Seawolf country but most of the schedule is still ahead and frankly MSU could still make a run; even teams that are looking good today will probably take some hits in the long season ahead. Who knows? Anyway, (in past years) I usually haven't thrown in the towel until sometime in February.


LetsGoMavs said...

Also, to show you some Kato love...I did put that UAA fans were thankful for a weekend as magical as their mascot over on my blog (I did my list of Thankful stuff before she copied! I kid...cuz I steal stuff from her all the time).

Donald said...

I haven't added a link for your blog because I saw that you told goon to remove you from his and that hockey wasn't your only focus. But I'm going to add a link sometime today (after I take a nap) to my links section. OK?

MeanEgirl said...

Good luck with your upcoming Gauntlet interview... It's some scary shit, lemme tell ya!

LetsGoMavs said...

Yeah, that's ok. I put the disclaimer on my blog that it's not all about that should solve that issue. I was just concerned with people coming to my blog looking for serious hockey stuff and not finding it:)

akguy2004 said...

Found in the CHN article, "Anyway, the famous "Curse of the Seawolf" was inadvertently unleashed upon Lucia when he started getting lippy."
I had no idea there was a "Curse of the Seawolf" and if so, what the hell is it?

dude said...

From what I heard about the exchange between Lucia and the Seawolve Sweater wearing guy. it was classic. I would have loved to have been there. But than I may have said something really stupid and Lucia would have dropped me while Hill hung on to Donnie's coattails.

dggoddard said...

The Scrolling Banner is easy. I'll teach it to you as long as you lift the "Curse Of The Seawolf" off Wisconsin at the end of the season and promise to only use it on:

a). Universities with over 30,000 students

b). Universities with arena capacities of 10,000 or more

c). Universities with Hockey arenas that cost over $100 million.

One of the reasons I accepted the CHN gig was knowing that I've got around 20 funny stories in the LetsGoDU Vault.


LetsGoDU - UAA Fan Blog Alliance

Goon said...

Donald, I actually shot a nice Buck and doe, no bambi's this season.

Check out my other blog, you will see my doe the second article down as well as my buck the poster after my dog.

Donald said...

If had control of "the curse" do you really think I would give any consideration to any UAA opponent by attempting to moderate it in some way?

"I think not", said DTP in his usual evil tone.

As to the scrolling banner ... I believe a previously agreed arrangement will give me the opportunity for a reasonably expeditious acquisition. But thanks anyway.

I used "bambi" metaphorically to represent any member of the Family Cervidae to include Elk, Moose, Caribou etc ... ;-)

Stewed said...

UAA is the 2nd tallest team in the country, loosing out by a hundredth of an inch, to the latest program with a Athletic Director malfunction, Dartmouth, and D-I's 5th heaviest. The cham-peen lard asses are the seal eaters up north. (From College Hockey News)

The UAA fans sure spend a lot of energy crying over spilt milk...
That’s true, but the Fairbanks deal has a lot in common with the Dartmouth AD flap.

ItsGood2BTheKing said...

A blurb about UAA in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

A change for the better

Alaska Anchorage opened the WCHA portion of its season on Oct. 27 with a 9-0 loss at Michigan Tech. Since then, UAA has emerged as one of the league's pleasant surprises.

After losing twice to the Huskies, the Seawolves split series with Wisconsin and Minnesota State Mankato before sweeping North Dakota at home last weekend. They are tied with Colorado College and Michigan Tech for fourth place in the WCHA at 4-4-0.

"We're getting confident in what we're doing out there," UAA coach Dave Shyiak said. "Once you get confident and start believing in your system and doing the little things, [success] just breeds itself."

Goon said...

Hell, Yeah I would love to exchange my small white tail buck for a Caribou or an Elk. Do you have the power to do that.

I enjoyed this post it was a lot of fun.l

Anonymous said...

We have had our differences but I am thankful of your blog.



I sure do miss our little flamefest. LOL!

JFR, it was never personal from my end.

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