Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Iranian Goalie and Execution

Some years ago (before life took it's current toll) I regularly played soccer. I actually grew up playing the game and didn't stop playing until my late 30's. In the 90's I primarily played for an adult team composed of Brits. Most of them (as did I for a couple of stints) worked for BP and the company provided some sort of sponsorship. I remember a practice that we had (and there were never too many of those) so it must have been at the beginning of the season. It was a bit of cool day probably in May and maybe even a little breezy and we were just sorting things out. We were playing a scrimmage at Balto Seppala park with probably about 9 a side and only one "real" goalie.

A good goalie in soccer has got to be heard by his teammates so it helps if he isn't shy and has a loud voice. Our "real" goalie that scrimmage was Ezat Zarasvand. He was an Iranian by nationality. He was by all accounts a fine fellow (as they say). I knew him fairly well as he was the first person I called to let him know that I'd turned in my notice. And he got the job. But all that aside he fit the bill pretty well for a goalie. He was about 6'3" and on the pitch he was pretty verbal. Each and everytime something went well (a nice pass, or a good header off a cross, or a good give and go ... whatever) Ezat would shout, "Good execution" or "Nice execution". Never a "well done" or "good pass" out of Ezat that afternoon. Well then ... after about 50 or so of these "execution" comments, my little English friend David Goodgame popped out with the long-awaited while entirely-obvious but deparately-needed, "Hey Ezat ... We know you're Iranian but could you please stop with the execution talk". An instant classic in my mind.

So that's the real reason for writing. Execution. A word that never comes into my mind without thinking of the story I just related. And a word that must also be in evidence on the ice this weekend at the Sully. Execution. Execution. Execution. Maybe the Seawolves can replace that mental image ... so that next week when I hear the word I'll think of the games vs. UND instead of good ol' Ezat.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that UAA "executed" their game plan very well and their opponents well they got "executed" all over the ice!

David Goodgame

Donald said...

Haven't seen you at a game in quite a while.

Hopefully you'll be present next series. They have beer you know.

I was surprised nobody accused me of making up the names.

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