Saturday, November 11, 2006

Special Teams

The difference tonight was ... um ... you might have guessed it from the title; special teams. When you don't get any goals on your chances and you give up a couple it's not real likely that you'll come out with the all important W. I really don't think there's much else to analyze about the loss. Lawson didn't see either of the goals from the point but certainly played well enough to give his team a chance. The Seawolves did have their chances here and there but never established themselves on the power play. UAA was generally outworked in the second period. And as was the case last night; it was a mostly ugly game. I think I at least know why it was ugly.

In boxing the most difficult opponent is usually the guy that is uncoordinated, unorthodox and/or just plain goofy. I think that's much the same case with Mankato. It's a squad that comes at you from all angles in unexpected ways. That style helped the Mavericks win more of the little battles that add up during the course of a game. On the weekend the Seawolves were never really able to get "their game" going primarily because of that factor. There were a couple of times in the first period and a few more in the third where UAA was able to use their speed and establish their forecheck but those minimal chances didn't result in anything particularly dangerous. So ... if hockey were boxing then Mankato could be called Chuck Wepner. And tonight UAA was certainly not Muhammad Ali.

Speaking of Muhammad Ali ... who does that skinny little bitch Jon Kalinski think he is? At 6-1 170 does he really think he's tough enough to be talking shit on the ice? Just about any Seawolf on the ice could break that squirrelly twerp in half if they'd choose to. Maybe they'll choose to when MSU-M comes to Anchorage. We'll see. Hopefully, that cocky mouth-running disco-boy stays healthy until February 17th. Hey Jon ... just so you remember; you were pointing at Jared Tuton like you were a tough guy. He's #55.

A split on the road is never a "bad" thing I suppose and it's part of that "win at home; split on the road" mentality that a team must acheive to have success in the WCHA. Winning two games next week against UND at home will be another big challenge for the 'Wolves.


Anonymous said...

hey donold,
I know there were a lot of stupied penelties but that tripping on Lowe I did not even see the msu guy fall or get bumped off the puck? I also thought Charlie was goin to kill some one and Jared could have killed that little bitch and that fucker diserved it. I thought she was going to take a dumb penalty after she was knocked off her heels. cant wait to see what she will pull in Anchorage.

Donald said...

I think I forgot to call him spastic.

LetsGoMavs said...

Gee Donald...I'm getting the feeling you don't like Kalinski! Don't're not the only one. I have to admit, if he wasn't on our team, I wouldn't like him either. He's a little bugger and good at being one. He doesn't care how big he is (for the record, I don't think he's even as big as the roster says) he'll take on anyone. He's got no fear and is scrappy.

I didn't think the game was as dirty tonight and it was nice that they could actually play without the damn whistle being blown every minute.

Congrats on the split, because we both needed the points.

Donald said...

I didn't think either game was "dirty" ... but of course I've seen UAF play. -- SNAP ;-)

Tuton gave her what would have been considered a fair shoulder charge if it'd been a soccer game and she went down like a sack of taters and it looked to me that the puck was pretty close. But I can't disagree with the ref calling it ... anyway it took a real girly-man to talk shit to Tuton after he was in the box.

LetsGoMavs said...

I don't know that I would call Kalinski a "girly man". I would put money down that Kalinski beats up on your guy is SOME way the next time they play. That's just how he is. He doesn't just talk crap when the person is in the box can see his mouth going all the time and him smacking people around. Cracks me up. He's just a turd to play against I'm sure and you can tell most players want to deck him. Again, the guy you want ON your team but to not play against:)

Hey now, don't be talking crap about us and Fairbanks!! UAA and MSUM always have respect for each don't be ruining it:) Didn't your mom teach you to play nice?!?! HA HA!

Anonymous said...

Tuton would braek that bitch in half. Kilwhatever is not a good player at all he has no control to just run in to stuff cause he turns on the speed and cant stop, that is a player out of control and shouldnt be on the ice that is a danger to every one out there. she would fit in at miss USA pagent though. the damn Bumb

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