Tuesday, November 28, 2006

RWD's Gauntlet: I Showered Afterward

When a foe throws down the Gauntlet there's naught left to do but pick it up. Such was the case earlier today when Duluth blogger-extraordinaire Runnin' With The Dogs issued the challenge. What else was I to do but submit to the cross-examination? Of course, it has to be known that RWD retained complete editorial control.

The "interview" was cordial at first; but as it progressed I sensed from the line of questioning that something might not be quite right. For hours it seemed (ok ... maybe it was only an hour), I was cajoled in an attempt to reveal some deep dark secret. The heat and intensity of the interview continued but even with my cranium and torso dripping with nervous sweat, I managed to keep those deep dark secrets where they should always remain. She has no idea I shave my head and wear shorts everyday regardless of the weather! I completely and totally hid those facts! I'm so proud of me.

Seriously though, go check it out and drive her page hit counter through the roof.


Runninwiththedogs said...

Please, if you are going to my site, try to get there by googling some obscure player's name.

I had to cut that part out. The interview did get a little long... 18 m-fing pages long...

Thank you very much for submitting to my will. It didn't hurt a bit, folks!

LetsGoMavs said...

I commented back to you on RWD's blog...

LetsGoMavs said...

Donald, don't make me come through this computer and flick you in the forehead!!

Of course my training isn't guarenteed...didn't you catch that it's for criminals? We can't guarentee any lasting behavior changes in my profession...but I try...as I could try with you:)

Donald said...

You misunderstood. You said,

"However, if you do need anger management skills I can hook you up or I could even help you myself...I'm trained in that and how to help people think."

Which clearly implies/states that someone "trained" you. Which is why I asked,

"Did your "thinking" training program have a money back guarantee?"

Which I thought clearly implied that whatever training in "thinking" you received was deficient; so you should get your money back.

Ain't irony sweet? In any case ... You've obviously confused the fact that I'm an uncompromising asshole with your incorrect interpretation that I'm angry. The two are not mutally inclusive. There are plenty of uncompromising assholes in the world that aren't angry about anything.

Finally ... in the words of the great philosopher Yoda: Do or do not. There is no try.

LetsGoMavs said...

Gotcha. I didn't even take it that way, as I was talking about the ability to change other people's thinking and behaviors...not mine:) I'm perfect and always right..so that's not even an option! HA HA!

Anger or not...you sure do come off being all pissed off over the internet...so it's way to easy to poke fun of you for it. Then again, if I was a man with a shaved head wearing shorts living in a cold as hell state (which this morning I can TOTALLY relate to) I may be angry too:)

It's all in good fun....

Did you notice your buddy over at LetsgoDU got kicked out of USCHO.com too? You guys can start your own web thread that allows all the "naughty" talk...screw uscho!

du78 said...

LetsGoMavs, no one from DU or CC got suspended or banned from USCHO. Only the 1st DU/CC thread was removed by the admin.

Good interview with RWD

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