Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Poetic Prognostication

I'll give this a try this week. If I like how it goes then I'll consider making it a weekly feature. The caveat is that I really don't know much about poetry (which will be obvious momentarily).

A cete of Badgers comes to town,
Red and white on skates,
Not the Tupolev 16.

Yet Engels and Marx are honored,
A collective on ice,
From each according to his abilities.

A great contest ensues,
Some Seawolves await,
Then back to Madison,
Sporting a frown.


UAA 4 - UW 1

UAA 6 - UW 3


Donald said...

As a suggestion to the Student Section for this weekend I'd recommend ...

Go Home Commies ... Go Home
(ala ... "lets go Aces... lets go")

Anonymous said...

i was already thinking of die commie die, but yours sounds good and might flow a little better, and be less morbid.

Anonymous said...

Lets see, you predict a sweep of the defending national champions after last weeks obliteration. There goes your credibility. I predict Ed Mcmahon is going to be knocking at your door in a pink tutu. I don't even have a poem to go with mine.

Donald said...

Anon twerp @ 2:50:
What's the Blog called? Get a clue. I'm a homer you turd.

When you have enough balls to post a blog then I'll be the first to attack your "credibility". Asswipes like you make my life fun.

Of course you don't have a poem. You don't have anything but anonymity.

I come from a world where a "FAN" doesn't pick against his team. I've NEVER done anything but have THE MOST positive attitude possible about the team I support. NOBODY pays me and I write a helluva stuff about the team I support.

Short version:
Fuck Off and crawl back into your Fairbanks hole.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. He summoned all of his inteligence and came up with an ominously threatening response, complete with those post-secondary four-letter words. Hey I wish you guys lots of luck. Truthfully I will be rooting for UAA. I was born in Anchorage and lived there allmy life. I obviously like your site so grow some thicker skin. You would probably like me if you met me. I know you wouldn't be trying those childish insults. My prediction 5-3 UW

Runninwiththedogs said...


Why don't you just listen to everyone and hate your team??? I mean, why like them or be positive?? THERE'S NO HOPE!!!!

Because it's not like the Seawolves ever knocked Wisconsin out of the Final Five or anything.


Also, I love that the "Commies" thing is spreading.

Donald said...

I blame Gorbachev and glasnost. Back in the day I would have had the KGB snatch this TROLL and introduce him to the fine accomadations at Lubyanka. Sadly, those days are long past.

Anon fbx TROLL:
If you visit someone's site on the internet and impugn their credibility speciously then you should expect a wide array of responses to that sort of despicable behavior.

To characterize me telling you to "fuck off" as "ominously threatening" is quite funny though in a Disney kind of way. Lastly, no I wouldn't like you. I don't like anybody.

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