Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post-Election Day Linkages

While rat-faced dickless little criminal twits like Tom Delay spew entirely specious Craig "hoping for a split" Dahlisms about the Democrats winning "because the Republicans lost"; I'll instead focus on more important post-election day college hockey stuff.

I should have included this link in my gleeful post about the media confusing UAA and "Alaska" in a poll. I suppose I could have indicted some bumbling USCHO staffer with the screw up along with my assumption that it was USA Today's error. As you can see it lists University of Alaska Anchorage but is linked to UAF's teampage while the record it displays is UAA's. The irony is sweet regardless of who screwed the pooch.

Next up is the future election of a Hobey Baker winner. Chris Dilks makes a case for Travis Morin at the MSU-M blog. Chris uses Travis' good early season performance as justification for his nomination but to me thats a bit like saying in June that independent Andrew Halcro had a shot at presenting the Governor's Cup to UAA at the end of the year. We all know (and Chris admits) the Hobey will go to a media darling from one of the bigger teams.

It's not quite Lincoln/Douglas but Running With the Dogs has another edition of her Gauntlet Series with MeanEgirl as the weekend showdown between UMD and MTU approaches. Look in the comments section of this post for another reminder from MEg that she's coming to Anchorage for the MTU/UAA series in January. By the way ... MeanEgirl's real name is neither MeanEgirl or MEg and for now I'm all about letting her hide whatever political foibles she is trying to hide.

Over at Goon's World there's a post about how St. Bob's media department apparently got busy with photoshop to scratch off the word Sioux from a picture they used. Pretty cheesy stuff from the Bluffskies but they've got to make themselves feel superior somehow.

Up north Eric Carlson has zip to say about the silliness of polls and the name change issue. I don't think Eric is interested in fomenting any sort of controversy so thank god there's someone like me in Alaska that is an instigator. Instead he is quite rightly focusing on UAF accolades and committments.

Down in Omaha there was a post sometime last week about the UAF name change. Naturally, I gave my .05 cents worth. Unlike most places; in Nebraska they like to elect former sports coaches to political posts. I wonder what Coach Kemp will run for when he retires.

Doyle Woody has an very good article in todays ADN about roommate selection. There's a focus on Cap'n Kronschnoring and how Justin Bourne puts up with it.

Lastly, the Seawolves have a revamped website. I've changed the appropriate links on my page even though I'm not an established media outlet. I'm so nice.

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If you care to see the "girlie" view of hockey, I've posted who's hot and not for UAA on my blog...

Good luck (but not too good, because we need points BAD) this weekend.

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