Wednesday, November 15, 2006

UND Preview: Run of the Mill

I wish that weekly previews would write themselves. I like to write about UAA and it's players. But each week I have to spend this time researching and writing about the team that UAA is playing. I suppose last week I got that wish when Chris and I wrote previews of our own teams and exchanged them. But damnit ... it wasn't enough. I'm sitting here pouring over weekly releases, cruising internet forums as well as reading other blogs and newspapers looking for something that (at a minimum) makes me appear glib or (at best) perhaps even prescient. But that ain't happening this week. Prepare for run of the mill stuff.

UND comes to town without one key player. Goalie Phil Lamoureux managed to avoid having to come here this week during this absolutely stupid spate of brutally cold weather. I looked at a weather forecast and about the time UND is leaving town after the weekend series these god forsaken 30 mile an hour winds might be over. Sort of ironic that the week I dog North Dakota for it's unceasing winds that we get our once or twice yearly dose. Lamoureux had established himself as the #1 goalie before he was injured and though he dressed on Monday he didn't actually practice so there wasn't any real chance he'd play this weekend. Freshman Grieco looks to do well though after being named WCHA rookie of the week on Tuesday.

Unlike last week's Mavericks the Sioux bring a boatload of offensive potential to the Sully. Both Senior Chris Porter and Sophmore Ryan Duncan have 10 points in 10 games (4g-6a, 6g-4a). Sophmore Brad Miller has 5g-4a in 9 games. And next come the two most talented players on the team T.J. Oshie (2g-6a) and Jonathan Toews (3g-4a in 7 games). Oshie and Toews are dynamic, talented and more than capable of schooling a defenseman that gives them even the smallest opening. The Sioux aren't a small team with 8 players that are 6'1" or better (dman Joe Finley is 6-7 252lbs). I'd give the remaining 7 an eyeball average of about 203lbs. For comparison UAA has 12 players (9 of them forwards) that are 6'1" or better with an eyeball average of about 208lbs. Interpret as you wish.

I'm looking forward to this weekend because I'm assuming these will be two games where we'll see both teams ready, willing and able to move the puck up and down the ice. I like UAA's chances if both games adhere to that assumption.

Lastly, the Siouxsports website admin did a great job changing UAA's team page and I'd have been remiss if I didn't mention that here.

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