Friday, November 17, 2006

UAA Recruits: Heisenberg Lists 2

Chris Heisenbergs recruit page list two new recruits for UAA. Defenseman Jeff Carlson of the NAHL's Southern Minnesota Express has committed to the team. Jeff has 5g-10a in 19 games so far in this his second season there. Last year he totalled 9g-27a in 56 games.. He's 20 years old and is 6'2" 200lbs.

The other listing is Winston Daychief of the BCHL's Cowichan Valley Capitals. Winston is a right-handed forward who is currently 11th in league scoring (and leads his team) with 14g-20a in 25 games. In his first season with Cowichan he scored 20g-23a in 60 games. He turns 19 on November 23rd.


Anonymous said...

do have anymore info on these guys donald? stats are nice but it is nice to see what type of players and people they are.

Donald said...

I'll do a recruit profile that will include any information I can find on all the recruits after UAA makes it's official announcement about the players they've signed. I'll be scouring the internet between now and then.

Monkey#39 said...

Winston is a power foward with excellent hands and nack around the net,he always comes out of the corners with the puck and has a hard slapshot ,and is not afraid to drop them he has become a fan fav. in Cowichan

----a caps fan----

Donald said...

Right on. Thanks for the info. Go Caps!!

The NCAA has no fighting though so that skillset won't serve Winston at UAA. Though the attitude that makes him that way sure will!!!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for all the work you put into this stuff Donald I appreciate it, and thanks monkeyguy whoever you are.

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