Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Potpourri

It should be meaningless to readers but I've made the switch to bloggers new "beta" version. I was definitely not an early adopter in terms of making the move so there shouldn't be any noticable differences except that now I can "label" posts for indexing purposes.

On Tuesday at 11 AM on CSTV's website Coach Shyiak will be the guest for their "Tuesday @ the Rink" online chat. They accept questions in advance. You can submit a question as well as review the chat session at this link.

WCHA Notes:
The Gophers remain unbeaten in the league with a 4-0-2 record after this past weekend's two ties vs. St. Bob. Rubes, apologists and devotees are united in their twitterpation with the freshman class down in Minneapolis. Linebacker Kyle Okposo is the object of most of this misplaced love but their hearts are a beatin for little Jay Barriball as well who has already made many Gopher fans forget about Kessel. A fair amount of "who cares how our defense plays ... we'll outscore everyone" was prevalant prior to playing St. Bob but already I'd say that some of that has been replaced by "we better start playing defense" after the supposedly offensive challenged Bluffskies lit up Gopher netminders for 8 this weekend. While talented freshman are always a big story down there, the return of "Crazy Legs" Hirsch for his senior season will likely be a bigger story by year end.

Next door (to the west) the Fighting Sioux fans are consumed with trying to hold onto their hostile and abusive logo which is still under attack by the NCAA. UND filed suit last week and won a temporary injunction against the NCAA ensuring that their DII football team would be able to host a playoff game. Big surprise that a North Dakota judge ruled in their favor eh? They've got a long road ahead before they're allowed to host any future NCAA events and overcoming the NCAA's argument that their membership is voluntary still looks difficult. As for actual hockey the Sioux are getting healthy and at 4-1-1 sit just one point behind their arch-nemesis ("arch" in Sioux fans eyes anyway).

The Pioneers are in third place after sweeping Bucky in Madison this weekend. Brian Elliott looked brutal on the OT winner in the 2nd game as a soft tip caught him leaning the wrong way. There were a lot of questions and some doubt amongst the Pio faithful at the start of the season and for now at least they seemed to have answered those concerns with their 4-2-0 WCHA record. It's pretty much dramaless so far in Denver.

Michigan Tech, Bucky and St. Bob all share 4th place with 7 points though St. Bob has used 3 ties to get that number while Bucky and Tech both have 3 wins and 1 tie. Tech should be thanking UAA as two of their three wins came against the 'Wolves. Wisconsin has played well defensively and didn't deserve to lose 4 points this weekend. As the season progresses the consensus seems to be that "someone" will step up and start scoring goals. Hey, I've thought that about the team I follow which means that it ain't necessarily gonna happen. Tech is coming into a tough part of their schedule (DU, UMtc and UND in 3 of their next 4 series) and we'll all see once and for all whether they're "for real". The schizophrenic faithful in St. Trailerpark have gone from thinking Goepfert is the second coming of Christ to a Goat and back to deity. Which is it? Is there an internet site where fans can plagarize some consistency in their attitude?

UAA is tied for 7th (or last depending on the perspective you choose) with mono/strep ridden CC, MSU-M and UMD. CC has only played 4 WCHA games and would seem to have the upperhand in this grouping while UMD has struggled to only 1 win in 8 WCHA games. Consensus had CC struggling before the season started and with the viral situation everyone assumed it would only get worse. But Scott Owens has to be pleased that with all the challenges his team has faced that they're sitting at .500 in it's 4 WCHA games. I predicted that if UMD didn't improve from last season that Scott Sandelin would be the object of "fire the coach" discussions and while the UMD faithful haven't quite jumped off the Sandelin boat; a few of them are closely checking their ports of call. I've made it evident what I think about Chuck Wepner U so I'll pass on any further Maverick commentary (for now).


Anonymous said...

Dumbass when your name was Drop the Puck and still a dumbass when you are named Donald....

Donald said...

Coach Motzko,
Thanks for stopping by. You looked a little "reddened" at one point last week on TV. Did you forget to take your blood pressure medication again?

LetsGoMavs said...

HA HA HA! That cracked me up. However, to defend Motzko..he's a super nice guy in person.

Anonymous: If you don't have the balls to put your name on the post, then don't leave mean comments!

Anonymous said...

Like it would matter if I left my name. You wouldn't know me anyways.

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