Thursday, December 07, 2006's NCAA Suprises List

UAA was placed at #4 on correspondent Bob Snow's Top-10 "surprises" in the NCAA. The entry for the Seawolves says,
"Anchorage has never had a winning record since joining in D-1 and the deep WCHA in '93. Dave Shyiak, in his third year, has already surpassed last year's win total that includes a sweep of North Dakota last month.
"Real happy with the way we've progressed to date," said Shyiak from his Anchorage office. "Success so far is attributed to our senior leadership. Captain Charlie Kronschnabel, Mark Smith, Justin Bourne, Nick Lowe and Chad Anderson are doing a tremendous job in making sure everyone is buying in. And we're doing a real good job with special teams."
The 3rd place team was Michigan Tech with Yale and Quinnipiac finishing at the top of the list.

While it's always good to see the team mentioned positively in the national media, I should point out that UAA had 7 winning seasons as a D-1 team in their first 8 years before joining the WCHA in 93. So it would have been more clear if he'd said, "Anchorage hasn't had a winning record since joining the WCHA in 93".

And again thanks to "dude" for the link.


Anonymous said...

Hey so did anyone else notice that if you read the article on the NHL website it has a link for Mark Smith. Apparently he is playing for San Jose.

Anonymous said...

It's a totally different Mark Smith... they screwed up.

It's great that UAA is getting recognition, hopefully we keep improving!

Suze said...

And beating 9th ranked CC on the road is big improvement.

Great job in net by freshman Jon Olthuis. He had an assist and huge back to back saves. Congrats to every UAA player! GREAT win, now you know what it takes, do it again tomorrow!!

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