Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa Suspends Six Seawolves

North Pole, Alaska - Santa Claus held his annual "Naughty & Nice" Press Conference today and as expected 6 UAA Seawolves and 5 Colorado College players were included on the list for fighting (photos link) after last week's game.

Santa said, "I've looked at the tape and am comfortable with the fact that we've nabbed all the perps."

Santa added, "If this had happened in February or March, perhaps the boys could have worked their way off the list, but there just isn't enough time when you pull a stunt like this in December."

Responding to a question from Doyle Woody Santa noted, "We considered staggering the suspensions over two Christmas' but the rules are pretty clear."

Under the long standing tradition people on the "Naughty List" do not receive Christmas presents and have to go to the end of the line at the Christmas Lunch Buffet. O.J. Simpson has the longest current streak on the "Naughty List" with 12 straight appearances.

Santa's UAA "Naughty List"

Chris Tarkir (Fighting)
Chad Anderson (Fighting)
Jay Beagle (Fighting)
Blair Tassone (Fighting)
Mark Smith (Fighting)
Kevin Clark (Fighting)


Jeff said...

I dont know why the NCAA didnt let UAA split the suspensions between both games. This means UAA will basically have 3 lines to work with, and if they get into any penalty trouble they will be gassed out, and probably easy to beat.

dggoddard said...

Probably would have worked out better for UAA if they had crashed the CC Team Party after the game near campus and given them the business.

Anonymous said...

An off-campus fight would have resulted in criminal charges. Let them fight on the ice where that kind of behaviour is unofficially sanctioned.

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