Thursday, December 14, 2006

UAA Seawolves: Santa's Team

I don't know if there's a thousand closet UAA fans on the internet or a thousand Santa fans, but yesterday we broke the Alaska college hockey blog record with 970 visits. I suspect that the people in the "Lower 48" get concerned that Santa may hand out all the good presents before making it down to the mainland.

UAA Fan Blog: Thanks for talking to us.

Santa: Its a busy time of the year, but I'm never too busy to talk a little college hockey.

UAA Fan Blog: How long have you been a UAA fan

Santa: Me & the Misses have had UAA season tickets since the '80s. They're the local team and we support them.

UAA Fan Blog: Why suspend the "Seawolf Six" from Christmas?

Santa: Personally I like a good hockey fight. However, the elves get too excited and they start wailing on each other, mimicking the fights, and the production line breaks down. I had to put my foot down.

UAA Fan Blog: What are you giving Dave Shyiak for Christmas?

Santa: Two Blue Chipper Recruits and some depth on the blue line.

UAA Fan Blog: What are you getting some of the other WCHA Coaches?

Santa: Lemme see...Don Lucia, a new Flowbee. Jamie Russell at Tech, a new Power Play strategy book. Dave Hakstol wanted his kids not to jump to the NHL, but all his players asked for an NHL contract, so I don't know how I'm going to resolve that one. Scotty Owens at CC wants some players who know how to fight, since they got whupped pretty good last weekend.

UAA Fan Blog: Thanks again. Will you be at the games this weekend against Denver?

Santa: Wouldn't miss it.


Anonymous said...

TFF, can you take over the UAA Blog permanently? You could do both the DU & UAA blogs, because it's obvious you don't have a real job. Keep it up.

dggoddard said...

One blog is plenty. Its fun and challenging to write for another team. Hope you like it.

Whoops, I've got to get back to work... :-)

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