Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ticket Pricing Changes

In a surprising move this past Friday, UAA Athletics announced that this week for the UAA/DU series that advance purchase of group tickets would be available. The pricing is without a doubt absolutely incredible. 10 tickets for 30 bucks. 3 dollars apiece. Every non-season ticket holder planning to attend in a group of 3 or more can save some money. Very nice. I have no idea if my bitch about ticket pricing last Monday was in any manner related to this latest change. It is gratifying if that is the case.

So there's three of ya going and you're sposed to buy 10 tickets? Sure. Why not. Give the other 7 away to people you think might like to go. Give the other 7 away out front. Hell, it'd be legal to sell the other 7 out front for 3 bucks each. Of course, the best thing would be to find 9 other people to go with. If you buy the 10 pack just try to make sure that some extra butts come to the arena. It'd sure be nice to have the place mostly filled up. This team was 90 seconds away from being ranked in the top 15 in the NCAA. If they'd beaten or tied CC on Saturday they almost certainly would have cracked the polls. Take advantage of this pricing now and let your friends know.
!!Fight Pictures!!
For those of you who want to see some pictures you can follow this link to a CC fan's Yahoo photo portfolio. The first fight picture is number 147. I've posted #148 below.


Anonymous said...

The UAA website says: "Groups of 10 or more may purchase general admission seats for just $3 per ticket."

Not sure where you got the info that 3 or more could do that. This is the same offer UAA has always offered to groups of 10, except instead of $5 per person, it's $3 per person.

Donald said...

All you have to do is call them and tell them you want to purchase the group package.

They don't care what the "group" is or if it has 10 members.

I don't have a group of 10. I'll likely only have a group of 2. Do you think I ought to purchase 2 regular priced tickets for 26 bucks or 10 tickets for 30? I'll be opting for the 10 even with just two people. I'll sell at least a couple out front for 3 bucks each and I've saved some money. If I sell more than a couple that'll be a bonus.

I made no mention of the 10 for $50 offer because I never go with more than 3 people and 3 regular priced general admission ticket go for 42 bucks. I had considered buying the package in the past and selling the extra's at face value but blew it off because it wasn't that big of a deal to me personally.

I thought it would be a good idea to promote it since I'd made an issue of it in the first place and the point is to encourage people to get more people into the arena.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute joke. By all reports it was a donnybrook not seen for a while. This skould be dealt with strictly by the UAA administration. A real black eye on the program. Also Coach Shyiak was stating in the paper that they won with an astericks. You lost the game and then embarassed the school with a brawl after the game is over. Donald what have you heard. This is serious. Miami got major sanction from the school with the football dustup.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:28 you whinny little cc fan you are just pissy cause the uaa guys played hard and yeah they should have won that game two bullshit calls by the ref. I am sure the shool will sort it out but its hockey not football, Hockey is a physical sport with history of fighting. I dont agree with fighting in the college level but to call this an embarssment to UAA cause the boys defended eachother and made the pansys tiger bleed fuck you.

Donald said...


9:28 Anon is not a CC fan. I'm not even going to bother looking at my hit counter to confirm this but its the same guy that is always "on about" the UAA Admin dropping the ball on this or needing to do that. I used to call him ACH ("Anon Cobb-hater"). But I have new name for him now.

It's clearly someone with an axe to grind at the administration. There are lots of disenchanted former employees in any organization that given a chance to vent their frustration or rail against their perceived oppressors will do so. In this case I've encouraged my Lone Ranger-esque commenter to take his bullshit elsewhere but there really is no other forum where he can vent. Hopefully, one last plea from me will do the trick.

He's so much like the Lone Ranger that I'm driven to call him Ki-Mo Sabe.

Dear Ki-Mo,
Do you really think you're accomplishing anything with your (now thankfully infrequent but still unwanted) horsecrap about the "evil" Dr. Cobb? How come you only ever refer to the "UAA Administration" or "UAA Admin"? Why don't you use his name?

And lastly, what the fuck do you have against me to keep coming back month after month and asking questions you already know the answer to whenever there is a sneeze in UAA's Athletic Department? Have we ever met? If we had then you'd give it a rest. If we haven't met ... wouldn't it be best to give it a rest just in case we ever do meet? Why start off on a bad note eh?

Jimjamesak said...

I guess I'm part of the part of the "It may not be right but that was still pretty awesome" crowd. I don't exactly like seeing this stuff all the time but every now and then it's fun to see, plus it's shows that we aren't gonna rollover and die like in the past. Let the guys serve the suspensions and move on, this is hockey and this **** happens in this game, no need for further punishment beyond a "Hey! Don't do that again."

Suze said...

Just so everyone knows, you have to purchase the tickets in advance at the Wells Fargo Sports Complex, they are open 9-5, M-F.

Donald said...

You can also do it over the phone.

Suze said...

Thanks Donald, I called the sports office today and they didn't let me know it can be done via phone. They said I needed to come into their offices. Calling is definitely easier!

Anonymous said...

You can purchase the discount tickets over the phone with a credit card by calling UAA Athletics at 786-1293. You do not need to go into the Athletic Department to do this. They will have the tickets for you at the Sullivan Arena will call window one hour prior to the start of the game. Or if you want to distibute the tickets in advance to family or friends then you would need to pick them up in Athletics. No parking enforcement at UAA this week!!

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