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Friday, December 08, 2006

Oh "Me" of Little Faith

When your opponent has fought back from a 4-0 deficit and had a goal waved off late in the game you're just glad your going to overtime. Then when your play is lackluster for the first 3 and 1/2 minutes of OT and you get tagged for hooking there can't be a lot of faith in getting a victory. As a fan there is nothing to do but cross your fingers for a tie. But Justin Bourne was granted a chance in the last 15 seconds and put it home to steal 2 points down in Colorado Springs. Nice. Real nice. No more of that "never won at the CWSA" crap. Why was I sitting there grinding my teeth with 30 seconds left? What sort of fan am I? I didn't believe? Shame on me.

At least the Seawolves played well the first 15:05 when they scored all their first 4 goals. It's hard to say just listening on the radio but it seems like CC turned it up a notch after they pulled Zaba. In any case they kept the Seawolves from having too many chances and for the last almost 50 minutes seemed to have outplayed UAA. I'd have to say looking at the box score that the one glaringly positive statistic is the one that shows how well UAA did on the PK. CC went 0 for 10 on the PP. UAA got 2 shorties. A shorthanded game winning goal with 13.9 seconds left in OT? I guess we'll take it eh?

Congrats to Josh Lunden on his 4th and 5th goals of the season. Paul Crowder knocked another one home with his excellent backhand. He should hold a backhand clinic once a week for the other UAA players. Congrats to Kurt Haider for not getting kicked out of the pressbox ... he managed not to scream too loudly on the GWG by Bourne. Congrats to Jonny O for his good play in net. He just faced 48 shots from the #9 team in the country and the team won the game with 14 seconds left in OT. He also picked up an assist on the first goal of the night by Lunden. Nick Lowe's shorthander happened with Bourne serving a delay of game for Olthuis. Ironic things are always cool too.

Lets hope we see a more disciplined effort tomorrow night. Tempting the CC Power Play with another 10 chances on Saturday night wouldn't likely be a good strategy.

Lastly, I'll have a post on Sunday and give my thoughts about the announcement UAA made today regarding ticket pricing for the DU series next weekend. Before then just let me say well done to the UAA Athletic Department for taking this step to put more butts in the seats.


Suze said...

Woo hoo. I was just telling Mr. Suze how hard UAA is working to get butts in the seats this year. $3 for group rates? That's a steal. Get all your friends together and let's fill the Sully!

Donald said...

3 adults was 42 bucks for me last week. This week I can buy 10 tickets and save 8 bucks? Um yeah ... thats pretty damn good.

Anonymous said...

Not our most deserved win, but two points is two points. It'd be great if we could come away with three points or, dare I say, a sweep this weekend.

Will said...

A win is a win in the WCHA. These guys deserve to win a few games like the one tonight. Last year you just knew that CC would come back and win the game in the last seconds of the period. Not this year with this team as they are showing they can play with any team. They are learning to win and playing with more confidence. A good Seawolf win. Kurt Hieder does a great job and ya he does get excited.

MeanEgirl said...

Wow, congrats UAA fans on that victory. I checked out the box score and it looked like a CRAZY game! Good luck tomorrow night. =)

Donald said...

This is the only series that we won't get to see on TV all year. Not seeing it won't be a problem as long as they finish what they started and grab another 2 points. I won't mind not seeing the game at all.

Jimjamesak said...

At least Kurt was able to admit he sounded like a little girl when Justin scored. He's not the best announcer in the league for nothing folks! :p

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