Monday, December 11, 2006

Things Bloggers Don't Want You To Know

by: dggoddard

I've spent the last hour researching "All Things UAA" and I think I've got a handle on how things work around here on the UAA Hockey Fan Blog. Donald is driving my Ferrari and I'm stuck with his Chevy Nova.

This might be a good time to crack back at Donald, while I've got control of his Blog. My buddy CO14ers tells this funny story of visiting Donald in Anchorage last year when DU was in town. Long story short, 14ers had a Denver Boone Poster (our former school logo/mascot). Anyway, after the game Donald wouldn't allow the poster in his car and insisted that the it go in the trunk. Of course, this being Alaska and not Colorado, the truck was frozen shut. Boone rode in the car...

OK, back to my award winning hockey coverage. Today, I started getting lots of hits on my Ferarri...errr...DU Blog about Phil Kessel. Most Bloggers have a "Site Meter" which tells us how people find us (Google, USCHO or other Link). Anyway the Site Meter was going crazy with Phil Kessel hits. I decided to check out the Boston Globe website just to see if anything was up with Phil. Sure enough he is taking a Leave of Absence from the team while he attends to a "medical issue."

Of course the Kessel family asked for privacy, forgetting that millions of dollars are wagered on NHL hockey games every night. What do you want to bet that there's some bookmaker walking around Boston General in scrubs looking for Phil's charts right now?

Lets Go Seawolves

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