Tuesday, December 26, 2006


So this is mostly filler and random. I don't like much when UAA plays Fairbanks. The early games this year were mostly clean but inevitably there'll be some cheap shots this weekend. And that sort of thing tarnishing a season series where UAA went undefeated against it's one and only rival would be a shame for all involved. Hopefully, it'll be a clean weekend. Going into St. Cloud after a couple of nice wins vs. UAF will give the team some confidence to play another very very important WCHA series.

On todays CSTV's Tuesday at the Rink Chat; Tavis (what's a Tavis?) MacMillan said his team won't be successful this year if Greentree doesn't get more support . I'm all about helpfulness ... so let's support them both with the following cheers this weekend eh?
Brush Your Green Teeth ... clap clap . clap clap clap
What's A Tavis? ... clap clap . clap clap clap
Pull Your Johnson ... clap clap . clap clap clap
There's all the usual stats about the series:
UAA is 72-48-9 all time.
41-19-5 in Anchorage.
I learned recently that my ancestral family motto is "Merito". With 11 assists so far this season I'd say Merit Waldrop is playing up to that motto but he deserves more than the 1 goal he's netted. I hope he loosens his grip a bit this weekend and gets a little more lucky when trying to score.

I was going to do a midseason review and give out grades and all that. But I didn't. I would have given a lot of B's and a few B-'s and maybe a B+ and C+ for this or that. The team is getting there but has played inconsistently. Getting home ice will be an overall A. But they're tied for 5th at the halfway point and there is still plenty that can be improved so only a B.

Is a week off enough to get fat and lazy? Yeah. It is.

And finally, yes ... if both UAA and UAF have good seasons at the same time there is a possibility that it could enhance both schools chances to get into the NCAA's. So that reality deserves mention along with my other points about playing these guys 4 times a year in my post about it last Wednesday. Of course I have to add that it remains more likely that one or the other or both could get nicked off a bubble as a result of the current 4/yr schedule.


Anonymous said...

Pumped for this weekend. Let's kick some nanook ass!

Nice chants.

Suze said...

Hi Donald! Just wanted to chime in from Colorado. Enjoy the games this weekend - I am hoping to catch them on gci.net

Donald said...

What lucky bastard got your seats?



Jimjamesak said...

Ok I'm starting a "Pull Your Johnson!" chant just for you Donald. :p

Anonymous said...

I think that Charlie said it best earlier this year in Mankato, when he said that they needed to rise up and kill. K Wolves its time to rise up and Kill!!! Let's go Seawolves!!!!

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