Friday, December 15, 2006

UAA Fan Blog Is Going Public

For any UAA Students interested in getting rich quickly, the best thing you can do is to invest in an internet startup. We know of no finer investment than "UAA Fan Blog" [NYSE Symbol: UAAF] which will be having an IPO next Monday. This little company is on the move with sales, webhits & links going through the roof.

Don't miss out on this exciting investment opportunity. Shares are priced at $ .o5 so for the cost of a pizza and a coke you can own 300 shares of one of Amerca's must dynamic companies.

To request a prospectus or for more information call the investment firm of King, Cook & Butler at (303) 555-4638.

Disclaimer: Past results are not an indicator of future performance (This years UND Hockey Team is a perfect example)


AKCwolf said...

I would totally buy into this one, but unfortunately when someone chose the NYSE symbol they put an F at the end. I can't deal with Fs at ends of good names like UAA way to much like that inferior school up in the barren northland.

Anonymous said...

I was all willing to buy 500 shares and I also saw that disgusting "F" at the end of the symbol. So you can all go suck a nanook's butt.

Suze said...

DG, one of these days you are gonna get sued. ;)

dggoddard said...

OK you got me on the UAAF symbol, but did anyone notice that that the phone number for King, Cook & Butler was 1-800-555-GoDU ?

Hopefully most figured out that King, Cook & Butler are all DU players... :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry DG, you lost me with the friggin"F". Seeing that I would never had seen the "GoDU". And by the way you really are starting to piss me off.

dggoddard said...

Anon 11:13,

Only two days to go and then everything will be back to normal at the Socialist Seawolf Site. Where mediocre play is highlighted and every reader gets free health care. :-)

du78 said...

The SEC is looking into you "boiler room"

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