Monday, December 04, 2006

Thoughts About Ticket Pricing

It was another disappointing weekend as far as attendance goes. While I'll happily defend that 3700 people that show up regularly each weekend, I have to wonder if there is anything that can be done to improve it. Naturally, this wondering evolved into something that might be a useful idea. It involves changing the ticket pricing.

Currently the cutoff age for discount pricing on a general admission ticket is 12 years old. I believe this sort of "movie theater" pricing for a UAA Hockey game is flawed. A reasonable guess would be that one of the Seawolves target demagraphics would be families. So why are families with kids older than 12 not able to get a discount? It's Friday and Saturday night eh? How many kids (between 13 and 18) are in this city are there as potential customers? What does every 13, 14, 15 and 16 year old kid want (and for that matter need) on a Friday or Saturday night? Something to do. Would saving 5 or 6 bucks encourage those sorts of fans? Might not "SoccerMom/Dad" be more inclinded to bring their older teenagers and maybe even couple of their friends if the price were 7 dollars for anyone under 18? Wouldn't that make UAA Hockey cheaper than a movie? I hear kids 13-18 spend a lot of money movie going to the movies. Don't they support the multibillion dollar cinema industry through their ticket purchases? I'd think more reasonable pricing might peel a few of those kids off that huge pie.

What about High School fans next door at Ben Boeke who finish watching a game at 8pm? Think they want to pony up another 13 bucks to come watch the last two periods? I honestly don't know if such a scheme would put anymore butts in the seats or how it might affect the bottom line. But it occurred to me. Things like that occur to me when a single night of hockey has a total price tag of around 60 bucks (based on three "adults" with three sodas. Add another 20 for other "concessions" and you're looking at somewhere around 150 bucks a weekend. Children become Adults in America at 18. Don't they?


dude said...

I don't understand why they don't try to rebuild the fan base by offering ridiculously cheap ticket prices that get the people in, they spend money, UAA recoups some of the money from concession revenue. When the people see the product, which is much better this year, they won't mind paying slight increases in ticket prices from year to year.

UAA's current philospophy is to continue to gouge the 3500 faithful followers of Seawolve Hockey. Heck, they don't mind they've been paying to see the 'Wolves through allof the lean years, let's just continue to take them for granted.

When demand outpaces supply than raise the prices. What's a fair price? I dunno, but make it affordable for your future fan base, at least.

Anonymous said...

Donald the team is playing well and no one is going to the games. Announced crowds are announced. A friend of mine went this weekend as i had other appointments and he said they would have been lucky to have 3000 in the rink. It is a shame.

Anonymous said...

dude I have seen the smg contract and no the wolves do not get any money from food or beer the only revenue uaa get is from the sales of tickets. I would love to see ticket prices go down but i dont think thats going to happen. In mich tech the ticket gen admn, was 5 bucks but the rest of the league is way above that.

Suze said...

They actually had about 3800 fans this past weekend. UAA is having great promotions for children 12 and under getting in free and adults for $5 - but it is not being promoted.

It wasn't on TV, or in the newspaper. Don't know about radio ads. It's silly to have a promotion and then not advertise it!

Word of mouth people! Gotta talk it up.

Anonymous said...

Seawolves have a lousy deal than, heck even the AFC gets a percentage of the beer sales. They make thousands from it.

Dan said...

How 'bout UAA making a deal with the high schools- move the Boelke games up to 4:30 (at least the saturday night games)? or even make it a doubleheader at the Sullivan.

Donald said...

A doubleheader with a high school game is a great idea. Anything that will get more butts in the seats. I guess there's some sort of philosophical or political difference between AHSAA and UAA that kept some sort of "mutually agreeable arrangement" from happening. I can only speculate but I think the team is doing it's job on the ice and somebody oughta do something concrete to put more people in the place.

Ultimately, winning will cure the problem.

dude said...

I don't see any big increase in attendance this year. After the first of the year we only have 3 home series left. Without help from the likes of the ADN giving UAA seriously good pub. And the lame job that UAA does to do any effective marketing, we will average about the same amount per game.

I do say though they have to try something different next year. Cobb needs to listen to some ideas that people have floated. I like the idea of Co-ordinating with the Hish Schools, to not overlap scheduling or schedule doubleheaders. Cheaper tickets is also a start.

Jimjamesak said...

And people wonder why we're trying to build a new arena. No money from concessions, beer sales, or parking is huge loss. No wonder ticket prices are high. And of course with the latest battles with the City and SMG the chances of us getting a new, better contract are slim. That said better on campus promotion would be better. Along with more TV and radio ads.

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